Infinity's complete omnichannel solution

A unified retail commerce suite that offers simplified management and a superior shopping experience



Implemented as a complete retail system, Infinity runs seamlessly across physical and online channels, putting customer needs first and offering you a holistic view of your customers and business.

Choose Infinity for your omnichannel solution and give your customers an unsurpassed shopping experience while you enjoy simplified management and administration. Infinity RMS is a complete multichannel online and in store system.


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Let us put it all together for you

Point of sale


Infinity POS works at any fixed or mobile location, bringing sales people to customers wherever they are. 


Easy to use and very fast

Infinity POS reduces complexity so your employees can focus on the customer rather than on the transaction.

Works with Infinity Web Store  

Offer click-and-collect plus the ability for customers to return online purchases in-store, and recognise customers no matter which channel they use.

Information for better selling

Powerful search tools give you instant access to customer and inventory information to tailor the experience with confidence.



Infinity Web Store maximises your online sales and works in harmony with your physical and mobile stores.


Convert more visitors

Infinity Web Store combines the best of design and usability to maximise sales and reduce abandoned carts.

Merge your online and physical stores

Because Web Store uses the same product, pricing and customer data as your physical stores, there’s less maintenance and more ways for your customers to engage.

Certainty with flexibility

Web Store’s standard integration components reduce implementation time without compromising your ability to customise your brand experience.

Order Management


Infinity consolidates sales and inventory across physical, online and mobile channels and supports a range of fulfillment options. 


Improved return on inventory

With a single view of stock across locations plus the ability to move it around your business, you’ll reduce your overall stock requirement.

A consistent customer experience 

Customers will appreciate the same experience and pricing no matter where they shop with you. And you can share stock location with customers to increase convenience and sell through.


Reduced complexity

Infinity expertly integrates with your existing systems and with all its own components to reduce errors and streamline processes.



Get tighter control of inventory operations and manage levels across all your locations and customer touch points.


Predict demand

Forecast demand based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends and seasonal variations to better plan your inventory levels.

Near real-time inventory management

When inventory is your biggest cost, you want to manage it as effectively as possible to maximise your sales opportunities. Infinity lets you move stock into and around your business seamlessly and gives you real-time visibility so you can react to changes quickly.

Price and promote for maximum profit

Infinity’s planning tools let you understand and predict the most effective pricing and promotions strategy to increase sell through without compromising margin.

Customer Management


Infinity gives you a holistic view of your customers when and where you want so you can offer a more relevant and rewarding shopping experience.


Learn more about customers and their behaviour

With Infinity you can view customer purchase and browsing data, giving you great insight and opportunity to attract them in new ways.

Recognise and reward

Infinity lets you create points-based programs that you can combine with your customer insights to offer more personalised promotions that can be redeemed both online and in-store.

Support your trade customers

Infinity handles set up, pricing and sales for both retail and trade customers.



Infinity CPM (Corporate Performance Management) uses the Salient toolset for turning large amounts and disparate sources of data into insight that informs the actions users can take to improve your bottom line.


Insights that matter, fast

Reveal relevant information from all your data, very quickly. Role-based KPIs mean users can act on information they see.

Access and share anywhere

Web-based dashboards makes information available and intuitive anywhere.

Integrate external data

Easily add data from other systems to complement your information.


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